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Dark Chocolate hay còn gọi là Sô cô la đen (còn được gọi là sô cô la đen , sô cô la thường , hoặc sô cô la chua ) là một dạng sô cô la chứa tỷ lệ chất rắn ca cao và bơ ca cao cao hơn sô cô la sữa , và ít đường.  Tiêu chuẩn của chính phủ và ngành về những sản phẩm có thể được dán nhãn “sô cô la đen” khác nhau tùy theo quốc gia và thị trường.
Mặc dù sô cô la đen nổi tiếng là một thay thế lành mạnh hơn các loại sô cô la khác , chẳng hạn như sô cô la sữa, bằng chứng chất lượng cao cho lợi ích sức khỏe đáng kể, như về huyết áp

dark chocolate (also known as black chocolate, plain chocolate, or sour chocolate) is a form of chocolate containing a higher percentage of cocoa solids and cocoa butter than milk chocolate, and little to no sugar. Government and industry standards of what products may be labeled “dark chocolate” vary by country and market. A global increase in demand for dark chocolate occurred in the early 21st century.

Although dark chocolate has a reputation as a healthier alternative to other types of chocolate, such as milk chocolate, high-quality evidence for significant health benefits, such as on blood pressure, has not been shown

socola đen, Dark chocolate

Nutritional content Dark chocolate 

is 1% water, 46% carbohydrates, 43% fat, and 8% protein (table). In a 100 grams (3.5 oz) reference amount, dark chocolate supplies several dietary minerals in significant content, such as iron at 92% of the Daily Value (DV) and vitamin B6 at 29% DV (table). Dark chocolate contains 70-85% cocoa solids (nutrition table).

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Dark Chocolate: The Best and Worst Brands

Hey chocolate lovers, this guide is continually updated. What we’ve noticed since first publishing 5 years ago is that there is an ever-increasing variety of dark chocolate out there. And… disappointingly it has become very difficult to find which manufacturers are using the dutch process (see below).

Dark chocolate: once considered a rare treat is now mainstream. It’s become the snack of choice for healthy eaters.

For good reason. It feels decadent, tastes great, and has researched healthy benefits . One small study showed participants ate less junk food after eating dark chocolate. This did not happen with milk chocolate. Another small study showed food intake following dark chocolate consumption was significantly lower than when eating milk or white chocolate (ref).

Even exercise capacity is increased when consuming dark chocolate!

There’s something about dark chocolate that makes me carefully indulge in a piece or two. Compared to milk chocolate when I would eat half a pack before I knew it.

Dark chocolate

The Flavanols

Research points to flavanols – a type of polyphenol in cocoa that helps lower blood pressure and improve vascular function, improve cognitive function, and even provides UV protection for our skin. Note there are many counter-arguments to this research (see more).